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Taiwan has world’s 13th strongest military: report

CONVENTIONAL ASSETS:Military personnel and hardware were assessed, but not nuclear weapons, 90 percent of which are held by the US and Russia

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Taiwan has the 13th most powerful military in the world, according to a report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute.

The US topped the global ranking with an overall score of 0.94, according to the report on the trend of globalization. It was followed by Russia (0.8), China (0.79), Japan (0.72), India (0.69), France (0.61), South Korea (0.52), Italy (0.52), Britain (0.5) and Turkey (0.47).

Pakistan was ranked No. 11 with a score of 0.41, followed by Egypt (0.34), Taiwan (0.32), Israel (0.32), Australia (0.3), Thailand (0.28), Poland (0.23), Germany (0.19), Indonesia (0.12) and Canada (0.1), the report showed.

To give a sense of how major military powers relate to each other, the institute created a weighted military strength index that identifies six key elements of modern warfare, in which only conventional war capabilities were considered: Active personnel, tanks, attack helicopters, aircraft, aircraft carriers and submarines.

The report listed the top 20 nations based on these elements of military strength.

“Our analysis reveals the military superiority of the United States in conventional war capabilities compared with its close rivals. Its fleet of 13,900 aircraft, 920 attack helicopters, 20 aircraft carriers and 72 submarines far outweighs the military might of any of its close rivals and so does its defense spending worth US$610 billion last year, which is far more than the combined military expenditures of the next nine countries in our index,” the report said.

However, the report said that conventional forces are not the only indicator of military strength.

“Russia and the United States account for more than 90 percent of global inventories of nuclear weapons according to data provided by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Yearbook 2015,” it added.

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