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One killed, four injured in scissor rampage

By Rich Chang  /  STAFF REPORTER

A section of Songjiang Road in Taipei is sealed after a man allegedly killed another man and injured four others yesterday with a pair of scissors.


A middle-aged man, suspected of suffering from mental illness, yesterday allegedly killed one person and injured four others during a frenzied rampage with a pair of scissors in a Taipei street.

The Taipei City Police Department said the suspect, Chang Jung-chih (張榮直), 42, appeared at the security desk of an apartment block in Yitong Street yesterday morning and told the female security guard that he wanted to cancel the lease of his apartment.

When the security guard told him that she needed to contact the landlord to deal with the matter, Chang became angry and started shouting at her.

Police said a man surnamed Lin, a resident of the apartment block, happened to be passing by when Chang allegedly knocked him to the ground and stabbed him several times in the chest with a large pair of scissors.

Lin, who lost a lot blood, was pronounced dead on arrival at a city hospital, police said.

According to police, the suspect then rushed out onto Yitong Street, and made his way to the intersection of Changchun Road and Songjiang Road, attacking passers-by along the way.

An elderly man surnamed Hsiao received wounds to his arm and neck as he browsed at the door of a nearby grocery store, the police said.

The suspect then stopped a passing taxi. He opened the taxi's door and allegedly knifed the driver in the neck after the driver refused to take him.

He then attacked a man and a woman, leaving them both with stab wounds to the neck, police said.

The police arrived and confronted Chang, before shooting him in the leg and arresting him.

Police said that the elderly man was still in a critical condition, but the three other victims were recovering after receiving medical treatment.

Yesterday's incident is the latest incident involving a person suffering from mental illness in recent weeks.

Earlier this February in Tainan City, police arrested a mentally-ill man who had been threatening passers-by in the city's streets with a knife.

The suspect was arrested after being shot several times by police.

During the arrest a 14-year-old girl watching the scuffle from the balcony of a nearby sixth-floor apartment was accidentally killed by a warning shot that was fired by police.

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