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Expulsion of Chen Che-nan finalized by apologetic DPP

PARTY REPUTATION DPP officials said the move was necessary as the party's image has already been tarnished by Chen's deceptions

By Jewel Huang and Chiu Yu-tzu  /  STAFF REPORTERS , WITH AGENCIES

Former Presidential Office deputy secretary-general Chen Che-nan (陳哲男) was formally expelled from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday because of his alleged involvement in the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp (KRTC) scandal, in a resolution passed by the DPP's central evaluation committee.

The chief of the DPP's central evaluation committee Gao Jyh-peng (高志鵬) announced the move yesterday, following a resolution passed by the provisional standing committee on Saturday night.

Blackened image

Gao pointed out that although the KRTC scandal is still under investigation, Chen Che-nan's repeated evasions, his gambling trip to Korea and travel without requesting leave have all seriously damaged the DPP's reputation.

Gao compared Chen's conduct to the misleading statements of People First Party Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜).

"It is was virtually the same as when Soong [told] the public that he did not have houses in Hawaii, when it turned out that he owned five houses in LA," Gao said.

On Oct.13, Chen Che-nan said that he had never been to Incheon in South Korea. But then a picture was made public during a talk show on the television station TVBS showing him and former KRTC vice chairman Chen Min-hsien (陳敏賢) in a casino in South Korea's Cheju Island in 2002.

Five-year break

Although Chen Che-nan himself said that he would withdraw from the DPP on Friday night, Gao said that the procedure of Chen Che-nan's withdrawal from the DPP was not so simple, because the DPP must also receive related documents such as a member's party card.

According to DPP regulations, people who quit the party cannot rejoin for two years. Those like Chen Che-nan who are expelled by the party's central evaluation committee are barred from the party for five years.

"The DPP considers that Chen [Che-nan]'s withdrawal from the party would not completely enforce DPP party discipline and satisfy the public," Gao said. "Therefore, the central evaluation committee passed the resolution made by the provisional central standing committee held Saturday night, and expelled him from the DPP."

Enforcing discipline

Gao pointed out that the DPP is determined to protect the party's image and implement party discipline. Chen Che-nan's expulsion was considered necessary as he has already critically hurt the DPP's reputation.

"I would also like to apologize to our supporters and promise on the DPP's behalf that we will take action and request other members to follow the highest standards in order to defend the DPP's name," he said.

The DPP will also conduct a revision of party discipline and push high moral standards for members to protect the party's image, Gao added.

Responding to the DPP's decision on Chen Che-nan, Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) said that "we will have a clean environment as long as all garbage can be cleared."

Lu made the remarks in Tainan County, where she joined election campaign activities to promote her DPP party comrade, incumbent Tainan County Commissioner Su Huan-chih (蘇煥智). At a campaign rally, Lu urged DPP supporters to remain calm and stand by Chen Shui-bian in a bid to stabilize Taiwan in international society.

Meanwhile, opposition legislators yesterday urged the Presidential Office to take back medals awarded to Chen Che-nan.

At a press conference held yesterday by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislative caucus, legislators said Chen Che-nan did not deserve to keep his awards. President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) conferred two orders upon Chen Che-nan.

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