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Legislators unite against anti-secession law

By Ko Shu-ling  /  STAFF REPORTER

Lawmakers from both political camps yesterday agreed to pass a legislative resolution to voice the nation's opposition to China's proposed "anti-secession" law, which will most likely be passed during the National People's Congress session which begins tomorrow.

The Legislative Yuan resolution opposing the Chinese law will probably be passed before Tuesday, when the NPC will begin its hearing regarding the anti-secession law.

Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) told reporters that he will call another round of negotiations today to settle the final wording of the resolution.

For fear of being outshined by its erstwhile ally, the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU), the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) caucus yesterday proposed its own version of the resolution for today's meeting.

The DPP's draft, entitled "Safeguarding the Sovereignty of the Republic of China," says that the legislature should reach a resolution to reflect the resolve of the Taiwanese people to defend their nation's sovereignty.

"The Republic of China is an independent sovereign state, and not a subordinate of the People's Republic of China," the statement says. "This status quo cannot be altered without the consent of the people of Taiwan via the means of a referendum. The status quo in the Taiwan Strait should be commonly respected, and maintained by the international community, including the People's Republic of China."

Attempts to change such a status quo by any country, regardless of its means -- legislative or military, should be severely condemned and contested by the people of Taiwan, the statement says.

The DPP's draft is similar to that proposed by the TSU. Which states that Taiwan is an independent sovereign state and not part of China. The people of Taiwan should have the right to decide their own future and destiny and pursue such common values as freedom, human rights, democracy and peace.

Pan-blue lawmakers, however, remained evasive about their final stance on the matter.

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) caucus whip Chen Chieh (陳杰) said that his caucus' support hinges on the content of the resolution.

"We will endorse it if it is beneficial to the nation, but we will oppose it if it is detrimental," he said.

People First Party caucus whip Chen Chih-bin (陳志彬) said that while he is not certain of the content of the two proposals, his party will "respond to the matter in a suitable manner."

In addition to the legislative resolution, Wang said that lawmakers yesterday agreed to present nominees for the legislature's "cross-strait affair response taskforce" by March 20.

The 25-member task force will be headed by Wang and Deputy Speaker Chung Jung-chi (鍾榮吉). Members are made up in proportion to parties' representative seats in the legislature.

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