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Gay, Christian and proud

Shane Hsiung documents what it means to be lesbian and Christian in ‘The Pink Elephant,’ a documentary about her church group

By Tang Hsiang-yi  /  Staff reporter

“I told her that I wouldn’t start loving men after my baptism. It is just not possible,” Hsiung said.

Not knowing how to reply, Lee sought council from a church elder, who said intimate relations with members of the same sex are forbidden.

“That answer made no sense to me,” Hsiung said.

She went through with the baptism, however, because Lee convinced her that God loves everyone unconditionally. She later left the church to worship at the current church where the documentary was filmed.

When asked why she didn’t join the gay-friendly Tong-Kwang Light House Presbyterian Church (同光同志長老教會), Hsiung said she looked into it before but remains satisfied with her current church.

“I think identity, faith and emotional struggles are what we all share as a human being. Christians are a minority [in Taiwan], and so are homosexuals. I don’t want my film to only resonate with them,” Hsiung said.

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