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The Vinyl Word

By Olivia Wycech  /  Contributing reporter

The world’s top DJ plays at the 2F White Party tomorrow night.

Photo courtesy of the Loop

It’s that time of year again when every girl I know is fretting about finding the perfect white dress. Not for a wedding. For White Party.

The event is not exactly a rave, but more of a sophisticated club event. In its entirety, it’s perhaps the biggest club event of all in Taiwan. The carefully crafted decor, dancing, dress code and special effects make the 2F White Party the ultimate Taiwan party experience and the magic happens tomorrow night.

For those already with tickets, remember that the dress code is strictly all white and costuming is encouraged. The goal is unity, so don’t be that person who shows up in blue jeans. Try to embrace the idea, because non-conformists are charged a hefty NT$2,500.

I went last year, and looking out at several thousand people donning head-to-toe white is a visual spectacle all on its own. It’s probably something like what heaven looks like.

There was a time when white parties around the world were reserved for the gay and lesbian community. They were also strictly for trance music fans. But like almost everything mainstream today, lines are blurring and everything is coming together as one, which is essentially the underlying theme of the white party: unity. White parties are now for everybody and nearly every major city in the world is hosting one, probably because white just makes people look damn good.

This year’s soundtrack will cater more to general electronic music fans than lovers of trance. Next to local favorites like DJ Cookie, you’ll find Armin van Buuren, a Dutch DJ who won the number one spot on DJ Magazine’s illustrious Top 100 DJ list five times. If you’re at all curious what exactly it takes to sit in the throne, the formula is simple. It’s nothing but time, practice, passion and dedication. Van Buuren spent much of the late ’90s in clubs playing six to seven hour DJ sets a few times a week, all while completing law school. Producing goes back even further to when he was just 14. In 1995, then-19-year-old Van Buuren released Blue Fear, and with that, he was off to the top and into New Taipei City tomorrow night.

This is the seventh consecutive White Party in Taiwan, and every year things only get bigger and better. Because of this, response this year has been overwhelming and most of the tickets have sold out. But there is still hope. As of print, there are still a few tickets available, and a very few available at the door. Follow the event on Facebook for the latest ticket information. If you luck out, be smart next year and buy early. It’s also worth mentioning to keep your bracelet on and stay inside the venue, as re-entry to the event is not permitted.

■ The LOOP presents the seventh annual 2F White Party tomorrow at 9pm at the New Taipei Exhibition Hall (新北市工商展覽中心), 1 Wucyuan Road, Wugu Industry Park, New Taipei City (新北市五股工業區五權路一號). Tickets are NT$1,800. Call 0955-904-600 for more information.

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