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Compiled by David Chen  /  Staff reporter

It’s all-out war between Chen Mei-fen and her husband Hsu Fu-ching.

Photo: Taipei Times

The mudslinging continues in the ongoing saga that is the relationship between actress and household name Chen Mei-fen (陳美鳳) and her estranged husband, “David,” who she has denounced as a freeloader.

Earlier this week, the nation’s “most beautiful obasan” (最美麗的歐巴桑) — obasan is a Japanese word often used to refer to an older woman — spoke in detail about their failed relationship in a TV interview.

Chen, who managed to keep their marriage a secret until last month, revealed that her husband’s full name as Hsu Fu-ching (徐福慶). She announced her divorce (and marriage) after discovering that Hsu was having an affair.

The 55-year-old sought to clear the air when it came to the facts about their relationship: She was not Hsu’s xiaosan (小三), or “other woman,” when he was previously married; and Hsu was divorced when he started to court her. She also denied giving Hsu NT$500,000 so he could pay alimony to a second ex-wife. Though she did give Hsu money, it was to help his advertising company cover a bounced check, she said. And to her knowledge, Hsu was married only once before.

Some media have reported that Chen and her sisters often spent their free time playing mahjong while Hsu was relegated with the tasks of serving tea and preparing meals. She says it was the other way around: Hsu was the one mad about mahjong, and it was she and her assistant who attended to their tile-shuffling guests.

Chen has also accused Hsu of being uncooperative in light of their break-up. She says Hsu promised that he would move out of their NT$40 million luxury apartment in Taoyuan County at the end of last month. He has yet to depart, and called building security after Chen sent her assistant there to pick up a few of her things.

“That property is wholly owned by me,” the Apple Daily quoted an indignant Chen as saying. “I am not at all worried that he will take my things. He has really done enough freeloading — give him an inch and he’ll take a mile.”

Chen, who is said to have provided financial support to Hsu and his two children from a previous marriage, also revealed that she adopted a son several years ago, which prompted strong objections from Hsu.

“This was my foster father’s last wish before he died, to have a son carry on our family name ... but David was strongly against it,” she said. “I’ve embraced his family, why couldn’t he be more open-minded?”

As of press time, Hsu has yet to respond.

In recent weeks, Chang Hui-mei (張惠妹), better known as A-mei, has kissed not one, but two rumored ex-boyfriends in public.

It was done all in the name of show business, of course. On Sunday, the pop diva wrapped up her AMeiZING tour, a run of eight blockbuster stadium shows that featured guest appearances by Mando-pop royalty such as Jody Chiang (江蕙), Show Luo (羅志祥), Jay Chou (周杰倫), Harlem Yu (庾澄慶) and Wang Lee-hom (王力宏).

The crowds were roused by A-mei’s rocking duet with Chiang and a dance routine with Luo. But it was flirtatious encounters on stage with Yu and Wang — both marked in the gossip press as past love interests of the female pop icon — that drove audience members into a frenzy.

Yu appeared at the third concert, singing two steamy duets with A-mei, during one of which the pair shared a kiss. Yu later had the crowd cheering when he bent down on one knee and offered a mock wedding proposal to the singer, presenting her with a plastic ring.

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