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Singer and One Million Star (超級星光大道) fan favorite Aska Yang (楊宗緯) pitched a fit on his blog after a reporter aska’ed him one too many questions about his relationship with a young male friend.

According to Yang’s blog, he was innocently out shopping in the East District (東區) when he “stepped in some dog shit,” ie, paparazzi. Prior to that, Yang had a fruitful day snapping up a sea-green OriginalFake hoodie, black corduroy shorts and a fancy cellphone strap. He was walking with two young friends of his, a man and woman, when all of the sudden a frenzy of flashbulbs started going off “like lightening from the sky.” Yang wrote that he would not hesitate to seek legal action should such a mishap occur again, adding ruefully, “I think I might have to return those shorts.”

(Pop Stop thinks he should also look into returning the entire outfit he had on that day: a shiny black bomber jacket and baggy cargo shorts.)

But according to our sister paper the Liberty Times’ (自由時報) version of the events, Yang threw a hissy fit when a reporter told him “readers are curious … you seem to be very close to that young man,” referring to Yang’s male friend. One can only imagine that this question was asked with a smarmy nudge and saucy lifting of the eyebrows, for the impromptu interview culminated in Yang screaming, “I will not answer your questions, all reporters do is write dirt!” Who can blame Yang for his outburst? But venting about it on his blog is a different matter. If Yang was famously too old to compete on One Million Star, then he is also way too old to be peevish.

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) was happier to have reporters follow her on a recent shopping spree in New York City, where the songstress dropped northwards of NT$10,000 — on sugar-free candy. Tsai, visiting the Big Apple to film a commercial, dragged her entourage up and down and around 5th Avenue before she finally located her favorite specialty purveyor of the low-cal sweets. Once she found the store, the whippet-thin celeb gleefully posed for photos hoisting aloft a giant sack of gummi bears, the manic gleam in her eyes bearing testimony to years of calorie-deprivation.


1. S.H.E with FM S.H.E — Retro Version (我的電台FM S.H.E — 復古電台版) with 18.89 percent of sales

2. Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) with 11.31%

3. Original sound track of The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries (黑糖群俠傳) with 11.25%

4. Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) with The Best of Ronald (怪胎)

5. Y2J and Live for You (為你而活) with 6%

United Daily News (聯合報) reported that this was the first time in years Tsai had eaten chocolate. She spent the rest of her trip abroad continuously stuffing her face from an ever-present sack of candy, the vernacular daily said. Having exhausted her supply, Tsai made sure to stop by the store again for refills before leaving New York. “Paris and London both have this kind of sugar-free candy,” she told United Daily, “But you can’t find gummi bears in London.”

Cecilia Chung (張柏芝) may need to take a page from Tsai’s book about calorie management. The Hong Kong actress and pop singer, whose friends have denied recent reports that she had suffered a miscarriage, was spotted by Sing Tao Daily News (星島日報) purchasing five cups of noodles, three cans of some unspecified foodstuff, two boxes of chocolates and three big bags of potato chips. Sing Tao Daily gallantly commented on her behind and tummy, which were both noticeably more voluptuous than they had been when they made their infamous appearance in the nude portraiture of renowned photographer (and erstwhile pop star) Edison Chen (陳冠希).

When asked if she were knocked up or just fat, Chung, shockingly enough, refused to answer. So Sing Tao Daily ran off and found a doctor who, based on grainy paparazzi photos, was willing to proclaim that there is a “good chance” Chung is indeed pregnant.

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