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Compiled by Martin Williams
Chaotic Ana

Director Julio Medem, best known for his 2001 hit Sex and Lucia, creates another story that lives up to its title. Cave-raised Ana (Manuela Velles) is a young artist who accepts an offer to move to Madrid and join a commune. She then suffers mental problems after being attracted to a young painter, and is diagnosed by a hypnotist as channeling the oppression of women through the ages - which she then relives, climaxing in a messy scene that will enrage US neo-cons. Stylish, confusing and deeply personal, of all the films bravely opening against Indiana Jones this week, this is the one that screams "anti-Hollywood."


The concept for this Japanese film is quite grim, even if the treatment is more upbeat. A strange youth has the power to transport injuries between bodies, including his own. He makes friends with another boy, a victim of domestic abuse, and the pair set about healing their friends and acquaintances by moving their wounds to the latter's despised father, now hospitalized. A sequel of sorts to last year's Calling You, this is based on the book by Otsu-ichi, which is part of a series exploring friendship.

Art of the Devil 3

Drill-to-the-head torture and tongue-cutting on the big screen amid voodoo babble? Ah, it must be the Art of the Devil franchise from Thailand, ready to disgust all over again. Napakpapha Nakprasitte returns in this hit prequel as the schoolteacher from hell who wreaks bodily disaster on anyone standing in her way, with a little help from black magic of the grisliest kind. Unfortunately, her lust for vengeance seems to have extended to the film's official Web site, which is offline. Original Thai title: Long Khong 2.

Gone for a Dance

In this Belgian film, a college professor relates the story of three men who devote themselves to their passion for dance at a cost to their personal lives. Humorous, romantic and filled with dance sequences, this French-language film has yet to make it to English-language markets. Stars Cecile de France (Haute Tension, Around the World in 80 Days) and veteran actor Jean-Pierre Cassel.

Raging Inferno

This is trumpeted in local ads as a film released in the US and Germany by Warner Bros. But don't let the grindhouse-distributor hype or the extra theater bookings in Taipei and Taichung fool you; it's actually a German TV movie called Inferno: Das Flammen uber Berlin dressed up for theatrical release. Set in a modern-looking tower that is engulfed by flames, it stars Silke Bodenbender, which can't be a bad thing. Starts tomorrow.

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