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Horror fans and devotees of Naomi Watts miffed by this week’s canceled release of Funny Games, Michael Haneke’s scene-for-scene American remake of his brutal Austrian film from 1997, will have to make do with Pathology. The good news is that it’s getting a few good notices. Like the loopy Thai flick Sick Nurses, which opened here a few weeks ago, this gory story is set in a hospital and features a cabal of nasty medicos. This time, however, it’s in Washington, where the dissolute doctors challenge each other to identify the cause of death of the latest morgue delivery — after they’ve found someone to kill. In the middle of it all is a newly arrived doctor who plays the game but remembers his Hippocratic oath before it’s too late

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Happily Ever After

Here’s another Japanese film that takes a downbeat subject (domestic violence) and turns the tone upside down and inside out. Miki Nakatani (Ringu, Silk) stars as a woman who cheerily makes the best of things while surrounded by low-life men. Yet another manga adaptation, which partly explains its surprising approach. From the director of Memories of Tomorrow, a much more sober film that impressed audiences here last year.

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Savage Grace

Poor press is presumably the reason why this is being released in Taiwan before the US. It’s based on the true story of socialite Barbara Baekeland (Julianne Moore), a woman who married into a wealthy family empire built on the plastics industry and who was killed by her mistreated son Tony (Eddie Redmayne) amid a lifestyle of opulence and emptiness. Alternately described as melodramatic and unmelodramatic by critics, the film looks like a worthy contender to dethrone Mommie Dearest as a camp classic of child abuse, notwithstanding some brave performances.

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What Happens in Vegas …

A wild night in Las Vegas ends up with two strangers (Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher) wedded and bedded. The pair’s hangovers are alleviated somewhat when they discover that one of them hit the jackpot the previous night. Cue a vicious struggle for the loot and inevitable realization that fate may not have dealt the couple an ill-planned love connection after all.

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