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Eyes aren't the only windows to the soul

Don't neglect your handwriting - it might just get you written off the shortlist

By Catherine Quinn  /  THE GUARDIAN , LONDON

All this probably sounds quite tempting to time-pressed recruiters, particularly if they've been burned in the past with an exaggerated resume, or simply a candidate who doesn't fit in with the team. “Graphology works very well as an assessment of whether a person will fit in with a company, or stick out like a sore thumb,” says Margaret. “For small companies in particular, this is cutting out a lot of risk.”

But there is also a financial reason why graphology may be used. Compared with psychometric tests, and interviews, handwriting analysis is a great deal cheaper, and can be a cost-effective screening process to these more expensive methods. As companies become ever more aware of the costs of recruiting, it looks likely they will be open to a number of new screening processes. And graphology certainly looks set to remain one of the ways in which job applicants are taken on, or written off.

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