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Colin Farrell had an unscripted moment on the Tonight Show when a woman from the audience walked up to him as he was talking to host Jay Leno.

The 30-year-old Irish actor quickly escorted her off stage and asked for security in the incident Thursday.

``She said something to Colin Farrell that no one heard, then he took her by the elbow, led her off stage, asked the cameramen to turn off their cameras and asked for security,'' said Molly Mattaini, who was visiting from St. Paul, Minnesota.

No one was hurt during the incident, which police said was initially thought to be part of a skit. When it became clear that her intentions were less than friendly, the woman was hustled away by the show's security staff.

Entertainment gossip TV show Access Hollywood identified the woman as Dessarae Bradford. It said she had unsuccessfully alleged in a lawsuit that Farrell stalked her with inappropriate calls and text messages.

Access Hollywood, quoting an audience member, said the woman shouted at Farrell, "I'll see you in court," and Farrell replied, "You're insane."

Farrell was promoting his appearance in the upcoming movie Miami Vice, and showed up a few hours later at the film's world premiere. At the after-party, he was flanked by security guards.

David Hasselhoff is sanguine about how his superstar status as a singer in Europe has never translated to the US.

"I'm a big punching bag," he told the Television Critics Association's summer meeting Friday. "I just kind of go with the flow. I never really desperately tried to break this market. If it happens, it happens."

The 54-year-old actor is best known in the US for his TV hits Baywatch and Knight Rider. He currently co-stars with Adam Sandler in the movie Click and is a judge on the NBC reality series America's Got Talent.

Hasselhoff said his new single Jump in My Car is headed toward the top 10 on the British charts.

"If it breaks over here, fine," he said.

Hasselhoff is still recovering after severing a tendon in his right arm last month in an accident in London. He was shaving when he hit his head on a lamp and it broke.

"A big piece came down and sliced four tendons and an artery," he said. "The good news is it didn't hit a major nerve. I had some nerve damage, but I can still use it, and that's good."

Janet Jackson says finding love with longtime boyfriend and producer Jermaine Dupri gave her a new perspective on life while recording her new album.

"I always wanted to find love," she said. "Now, that I found love, I'm in a different space now."

Jackson smiled on numerous occasions when she commented on her relationship with Dupri, who produced a few tracks on her upcoming record, 20 Years Old, which is set for release on Sept. 26. "Jermaine is drama-free," the 40-year-old Jackson said.

Jackson lost 27kg after she had to pass on a role in the upcoming movie Tennessee to finish the album.

Asked if she used the same type of sexual material this time as on past albums, she said: "I enjoy talking about it. It shouldn't be any different from before."

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