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Restaurant: Deluxe Restaurant and Sportsbar

Address: 2F, 2, Nanjing E Rd, Sec 4, Taipei (台北市南京東路四段2號2樓), behind the new Taipei Arena, at the intersection of Nanjing and Dunhua roads.
Telephone: (02) 2570 5000
Open: 11:30am to 2am weekdays and until 3am on weekends
Average meal: NT$500, including a glass of Deluxe Beer
Details: Credit cards accepted, menu in English and Chinese.
More details at

By David Momphard  /  STAFF REPORTER

The Deluxe mushroom and potato lasagna fell a little ``flat.''


Say you've just opened a restaurant-sports bar in the atrium of the capital's new stadium. How do you make it different from the other already popular bars in the neighborhood? If you're Deluxe, you make it twice the size. Opened Dec. 1, the city's newest restaurant-sports bar is easily its largest, occupying nearly the whole back side of the stadium.

But Deluxe also has its own brand of beer. Three to be exact -- a pilsner, wiessen and dunkel -- available in either a 300cc size (NT$180) or a 600cc glass (NT$300). Alternatively, you can have it brought to the table in tap-it-yourself glass tubes of two liters or more. The pilsner I had on a visit this past week was at least as good or better than the many micro brews that have bubbled up in Taipei over the past couple years.

It did well washing down the lasagna I'd ordered -- a happy thing, as washing it down was exactly what I wanted it to do. Like the beer, the lasagna and other pastas on the menu come in two sizes. I'd ordered the large but was a bit disappointed that the dish which came to the table was on the thin side, with only a couple layers of pasta. Not much like what grandma made.

In addition to a selection of pastas, entrees range from a deluxe hot dog (NT$320) or burger (NT$380) to the chef's choice 10oz prime rib (NT$1,200).

On a second visit later in the week (guess I wasn't all that disappointed) I tucked into the burger, topped with avocado. You have a choice of toppings where the burgers are concerned, including cheese, bacon and even pineapple.

The weissen that washed it down, like its pilsner pal, had a fruity flavor to it and wasn't as heavy as some local micro brew wiessens. Visitors to Deluxe will notice the giant brass brewing vats behind the bar, but don't be deceived as they currently sit unused.

"We'll start brewing on the premises in the future. There's a lot of set up and preparation involved," said Deluxe's assistant manager, Colin Deng (鄧運霖). "Once we start, though, we'll be the first sports bar in Taipei City to do our brewing on location. Our customers can watch the beer being made." Deng said that Deluxe will soon be hosting a weekly ladies night. Currently, happy hour drink specials are available Monday through Thursday from 7pm to 9pm.

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