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Pop Stop

By Yu Sen-lun and Max Woodworth  /  STAFF REPORTERS

Little S, close-up.


As promised, last week's Golden Bell Awards was yet another opportunity for the stars to come busting out of of their dresses. Revealing attire might be nothing new to Taiwan's red carpets lately, but the ladies last Friday took it to another level, such that 2004, it seems, will now be remembered in Taiwan's pop industry as the year of the ballooning and chilly chest. Pretty soon they may have to ditch the whole pretense of issuing awards for mediocre TV and radio shows and just start issuing the Golden Padded Wire-Rimmed Push-up Bra Award. The contenders this year would have been actresses and models Chen Ming-chen (陳明真), Cheng Ching-chun (郭靜純), Tien Hsin (天心), Tian Li (田麗), Chang Ben-yu (張本渝) and, of course, Little S (小S). Classy!

Zhang Fei (張菲), whose variety show won a Golden Bell, was the focus of the post-awards show gossip for cavorting openly with Margarita, his Belarusian co-hostess and long-rumored romantic interest. But after groping each other in front of the cameras, the two ended up going home separately.

Jay Chou (周杰倫) should be feeling pretty good about himself after the release of the results of a survey conducted by MTV and The Great Daily News (大成報) that showed him topping a list of stars with whom women would be willing to cheat on their significant others. Jay got almost 42 percent of the responses, with Stanley Huang (黃立行) trailing second at 29 percent. Jerry Yan (言承旭) of F4 clocked in at third with 16.5 percent followed by Takeshi Kaneshiro (7 percent) and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒, 5.5 percent).

Kimura Takuya, however, can't be feeling too cool, after famed director Yoichi Higashi, who is in town as a judge for tomorrow's Golden Horse Awards, trashed his performance in 2046 as unworthy of a

nomination. After arriving in Taipei, when asked by media why Kimura wasn't on the nomination list, Higashi simply replied: "Under what category would he qualify?" Neither Kimura nor the rest of the crew from 2046 will be on hand at the awards, despite its being heavily favored in more than half a dozen categories, allegedly because director Wong Kar Wai (王家衛) felt slighted that he wasn't nominated for the best director award. That could mean that when the winners of 2046 are announced, the stars won't be on hand to accept their awards, further underscoring the sinking status of the Golden Horse Awards as the bellweather for Chinese film.

In pop music, last Saturday, Faye Wong (王菲) greeted throngs of her adoring fans to the much-anticipated Taipei leg of her Baleno Concert series. Sure, the special effects weren't particularly special and a choreographer might have helped move her past merely wandering around the stage, but with pipes like hers, who needs fancy dance steps or gratuitous light shows? And although she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction a-la Janet Jackson trying to rip out of a hideous tweed dress during her opening number, she made sure not to disappoint her male fans later by strutting along the stage in black stretch pants or a pink tutu paired with a metallic tank-top. Even when she characteristically stumbled over her words while greeting the audience, or forgot them altogether during her cover of Blondie's Heart of Glass, her fans seemed to love her more, because with her skin, legs, and a voice like that, who needs a good memory or even coherence?

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