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By Yu Sen-lun  /  STAFF REPORTER

Life in the fast line for Michelle Yeoh.


The death of Hsu Tzu-ting (徐子婷) continues to be the headline news in most "entertainment" papers. According to Apple Daily (蘋果日報) and the Great Daily News (大成報), the main reason why the young TV commercial model threw herself from 15-floor building was because her boyfriend Yu Sheng-bai (游聖白) did the "splits" (Regular Popstop readers will no doubt recall this means having an affair) with another model, Bo Yen-an (柏妍安), who appears in Motorola and Pizza Hut ads -- and had just finished shooting with Jay Chou (周杰倫) in a Hong Kong Telecom ad.

"If I could do things all over again, I would never do such a thing. I'm really really sorry," Bo said in a press conference on Monday, apologizing to Hsu's parents. She said she did not know Yu was seeing someone else. "It wasn't until Hsu called me one day on Yu's phone number, telling me to drop out of the threesome [that I found out]," Bo said.

The controversy behind the suicide has even spread into the TV newsroom, causing celebrity anchor woman Chang Ya-chin (張雅琴) to resign from the post of editor-in-chief of Era News (年代新聞). Chang did an exclusive report about Yu's other affair with a 19 year-old

student named Candy. Chang reported Candy's school, age (19) and displayed her photos, even her vital statistics. The next day Chang intended to do a follow-up about Candy, but had an argument with the Vice President of Era News Chen Cheng-chung (陳承中), who wanted to halt reporting about Candy, because of her young age. According to Apple Daily, after the quarrel Chang cried in the office and then offered to resign.

Hong Kong media report that Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) was caught dating Ferrari CEO Jean Todt by German paper Bild. A German sports channel photographed Yeoh sitting in the Ferrari garage during the F1 race in Italy and the man next to her was Todt, the 58 year-old CEO and also the chief of the Ferrari racing team. He is also the boss of all-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher.

Yeoh was said by the Apple Daily to have admitted the reports were true. The action actress and former James Bond girl first met Todt during a Ferrari promotional event in Shanghai in June. Interestingly, she was introduced by her former boyfriend, Thomas Chung (鍾再思). Two weeks ago Yeoh held a NT$1.35 million bash to celebrate her 42nd birthday, at Hong Kong's Grand Hyatt Hotel. But neither Chung or the new boyfriend showed up. The good news is she got a part in the upcoming movie Memoirs of a geisha. The bad news is the lead role went to fellow Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡).

The film will be directed by Rob Marshall, director of Chicago. Shooting will start in September in both LA and Japan. Yeoh will play the teacher training Zhang to become a geisha. Gong Li (鞏俐) will be playing Zhang's opposing geisha. As for the lead actor, it will be Japanese actor Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai. He will be the manager of a brothel and have an affair with Zhang.

Desperate seeking attention, Chinese actress Bai Ling (白靈) went as far as she decently could to promote her movie Three-Experiences (三更). She appeared at a recent press conference in a low-cut tight red dress and openly talked about her dates with photographer Christopher Doyle, the film's cinematographer.

"He is so romantic, he spends such a lot of time flying to Taipei, just to take a look at me!" Bai said in a seductive tone. Bai once told Hong Kong media she had 50 boyfriends and therefore was a sex expert. She said that she became sexually experienced in America when she was developing her acting career. "I enjoy sex. Sex is a kind of beauty, and orgasm is a state of Zen," Bai said. She added, however, "In China, I don't even talk about sex."

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