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We're Ausies, and we love Taiwanese girls

Thunder From Down Under are back and they're all greased up and ready to please again

By Yu Sen-lun  /  STAFF REPORTER

Age: 24
Favorite body part: hands, because they are soft.
Girl type: energetic
"Six Pack Sutton" is Darren's nickname. He first heard about Thunder while working out at his local gym. Darren enjoys football, swimming and athletics. His favorite movies are Con Air and Indecent Proposal.

After their successful show last August, the man-power show group Thunder From Down Under has obviously fallen in love with Taiwan. Back in town within 10 months, they've already gotten accustomed to the muggy weather and are enjoying hot pot and all kinds of tropical fruit. And after having been to Room 18 and Ministry of Sound and, of course, the night markets, the seven hunky boys feel, most importantly, that they just love Taiwanese girls!

So now that they're all excited about the ladies here, we can expect some red-hot dances and a feverish atmosphere at the shows. This time the group is not only performing in Taipei (at the Taipei International Convention Center), but also will tour to Hsinchu, for a show at the Lakeshore Hotel, and to Kaohsiung, where they will perform at Chih-Teh Hall.

Most of the boys are new faces for Taiwan's audiences, except for one performer who was here last August. They are younger -- between 23 and 31 -- than the group last year, and they seem naughtier and like to joke around more. But, like the boys last year, they are definitely men who enjoy showing off their bodies and twitching their pectoral muscles for anyone willing to watch. And they also like to invite people to feel their butts.

Taipei Times: Last year the Taiwanese audience was very passionate and eager to send hugs and kisses. Are you prepared this time?

Thunder From Down Under: Yes, we thought Taiwanese women were shy. But it turned out to be a very exciting atmosphere. For us it's good. Our show needs a lot of feedback and it heats up the vibe more. But it was true that last year I could feel that some women were trying to pull my G-string.

TT: What's the show going to be like this time?

TFDU: It will still be a mixture of the 70s-style disco songs such as Saturday Night Fever, Living in America and Tom Jones and modern songs such as street dances and hip hop. But it will be entirely different choreography. And all of us will be doing a bit of acrobatics. As for the show in the Hsinchu Hotel, it will be a more intimate show with the audience.

TT: You have been to 15 countries to perform. Have there been any embarrassing moments during your shows?

Michael Cooper: There was once I played a vampire in the show and my costume was tangled and I tripped on stage. I could only quickly stand up and smile at the audience.

TFDU: There were a couple of times I got my G-string pulled off and it was embarrassing. But we got used to it. You can only laugh at it. It doesn't happen too often, about once a month.

TT: What is the secret to maintaining your figures?

TFDU: Going to the gym five days a week, two hours each time. No French fries, no pork chops, no bacon, no beer and no dessert and ice cream. But one day of the week you let yourself have a day off and have some chocolates.

TT: Have you ever gone on a date with someone from the audience?

TFDU: Yes, after the show we receive invitations and we might go have a drink or to the nightclub. But we don't do that often. Perhaps because in our show we're showing the physical part of ourselves, we tend to prefer a platonic relationship off stage. Besides, it's actually difficult for us to keep a long-term relationship. We travel a lot and our suitcase is home.

TT: What's your impression so far of Taiwanese girls?

TFDU: Taiwanese women are very sexy. They may be shy, but they're very lady-like. They are slim and classy. More importantly, they show us respect. They aren't rough and they don't forget that we're human beings too. We really like it here.

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