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Pop Stop

Compiled by Max Woodworth  /  STAFF REPORTER

Go ahead, ask a dumb question. photo: taipei times

Hong Kong's paparazzi are unique in their sense of entitlement when it comes to invading the privacy of celebrities, as if these stars are supposed to accept their rude, probing questions with a smile and maybe even a handshake afterward. But Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝), bless her soul, isn't about to play that game. To each barbed question about her humiliating breakup with Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) or her recent proclivity for wearing gawdy clothes, she turns the questions around and throws them back in the reporters' faces.

Her skills in this category were on full display at a press conference for her newest movie, as reported in the The Great Entertainment Daily (大成報), when in response to a reporter's question about something completely unrelated to the movie, she snapped "You should really go home and look in the mirror! Look at the questions you're asking." After a few more rhetorical volleys between her and the reporter she was whisked away by her agent.

The following day, on the set of a variety show, she held court with a 20-minute monologue detailing how she has a low EQ but a high IQ, and that people with a low IQ tend to make her fly off the handle, especially journalists. According to the Apple Daily (蘋果日報), after the recording session the gaggle of incensed reporters on the scene refused to interview her.

Always standing in her corner in the ongoing Cecilia vs. media battle royale is her friend and suspected lover Jordan Chan (陳小春). Last month he jumped to Cecilia's defense against someone dressed up in an oversized alien outfit, at a cellphone promotional event in China, who allegedly squeezed Cecilia's butt. Whoever it was in the costume got a swift punch in the head from Chan, who will have another chance to display his loyalty when the two star opposite each other in a movie that is planned to start filming in the next two months. Chan is currently winding up filming an as-yet untitled movie in Hong Kong, in which one of the scenes features Chan standing outside a senior citizens' home masturbating with the intention to sell his sperm to earn money for his ailing father.

Big S (大S) had her own run in with the media last week while on the set of a TV show in Dalian. According to GTV, a Chinese photographer followed her into the toilet to shoot her on the throne, but was apprehended by the TV film crew who promptly beat the living hell out of him.

Last week, Pop Stop reported on Faye Wong's (王菲) lackluster album sales and her problems renting space at the Taipei 101 mall for an autograph session. Her travails didn't end there. As part of her nine-day promotional tour she was a guest on several TV shows and, according to the Liberty Times (自由時報), viewers changed stations whenever she was on because the shows were too bad to watch.

Faye has a reputation for being a tough interview, responding with single-word answers or sometimes simply not responding at all. On Momoko Tao's (陶晶瑩) show, back on the air after a week's break, Faye misunderstood a question about whether they should talk about "mature women" (熟女) and said, "Why would we talk about that? That sounds horrible." She apparently wasn't accustomed to the Taiwanese usage of the term, meaning grown-up, sophisticated and confident, and thought it insinuated looseness. Later in the show, when handed two cards, one with an X and one with an O, for her to use to respond to questions in case she didn't feel like talking, she didn't get the joke and said "Oh no. Do I have to act again?"

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