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World Music Festival

When: Sunday to Friday. All performances begin at 7:30pm

Where: Plaza outside the Taipei City Government building. Entry is free




* Antonio Placer, Spain/ Sunday

Having gone solo in 1993, Placer has extended the range of his music beyond the Spanish and French to incorporate a multiplicity of Mediterranean influences. The romance and vivacity of his music has made him a favorite with world music lovers.

* Savina Yannatou and her orchestra, Primavera En Salonico, Greece/ Sunday

Born in Athens, Yannatou has largely focused on interpreting Sephardic folk songs, the musical tradition of the Jews of southern Europe. While still a student in 1979, Yannatou began her professional career by singing for a Greek radio program. She has since received acclaim for her performances internationally.

* Lep Fouriers, Belgium/ Monday

A master of traditional French music and an expert performer on the hurdy-gurdy, Fouriers has brought the music of this little heard instrument to many parts of Western Europe. Combining research into early music with modern elements and his own inspired performance technique, Fouriers has created a unique style.

* Dresch Quartet, Hungary/ Monday

Pioneers in the Hungarian jazz scene, Dresch Quartet combines traditional jazz instruments, such as the saxophone, with regional instruments, such as the violin and cymbalom. Dresch Quartet enriches its folk-based music with reference to jazz and western classical music to create its own style.

* Colin Offord, Australia/ Tuesday

Hailing from Australia's Bule Mountains, Offord has enchanted audiences with his highly eclectic brand of music drawing on Celtic, folk, Asian, Aboriginal and Pacific musical influences. He has invented his musical instrument, which adds a special flavor to his performances.

* Labor Exchange, Taiwan/ Tuesday

Starting out as a protest band demonstrating against the building of the Meinung Dam, this Hakka group has established itself in Taiwan's non-mainstream music circles with two Golden Melody awards in 2000. Combining traditional Hakka tunes with protest songs and unconventional instrumentation, Labor Exchange has brought Taiwan folk music into the modern world.

* Trio Viool, Belgium/ Wednesday

A string trio led by Wouter Vandenabeele has been a force in the development of European world music lovers the world over. They combine jazz, classical and modern music that has a strong base in Belgian culture.

* Mallou, Serbia/ Wednesday

A two-man ensemble formed by lvica Vucelja of the Balkan Vero-band and Bert van Laethem, Mallou has become one of the most representative performers of Balkan music. Vucelja combines a strong base in Yugoslav folk, with Van Laethem's input of Serbian, Gypsy, Jewish and Russian folk, to bring alive the complex cultural mix of the Balkans.

* Catherine Delasalle Band, France/ Thursday

Music critics have compared Catherine Delasalle to Edith Piaf as a representative of the French musical spirit. Delasalle goes beyond the confines of region and language, often cooperating with artists form many other countries to create her own brand of world music.

* Huegu and DocDoc, Taiwan/ Thursday

Huegu takes his musical roots from the Amis tradition of tribal music, which has long been relegated to the periphery of Taiwan's predominantly Chinese culture. Working together with DocDoc, a mainstream musician, they seek to reinterpret Amis music in terms of modern performance.

Jam Session/ Friday

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