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CCP’s promises are political scams

By Florence Mo Han Aw 梁慕嫻

In January, Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) eagerly promoted the “reunification” of Taiwan at the 40th anniversary of the publication of the “Message to Compatriots in Taiwan.”

He mentioned principles and policies including the so-called “1992 consensus” being equal to unity, the “one country, two systems” formula for Taiwan and unity through the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), while promising not to use force to unify Taiwan and so on.

On Oct. 1, he mentioned these policies again.

Such a declaration without including freedom, democracy and universal values is nothing more than a sweet speech with honeyed words, an iron hand in a velvet glove. It is another scam to lure Taiwanese.

The reunification of Hong Kong with China in 1997 was a sinister scam.

In the beginning, to stabilize Hong Kong and ensure a safe transition, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) established the Sino-British Joint Declaration with the British Government in December 1984 and finalized the Hong Kong Basic Law in accordance with Article 12 of the declaration.

It also committed itself to the “one country, two systems” formula, a high degree of autonomy for the territory, and allowing Hong Kongers to rule the territory and develop a capitalist system for 50 years.

In the eyes of Hong Kong people, given that the CCP gave such a solemn promise, it was hard not to trust its sincerity. As a result, democrats began to advocate the “reunification of democracy,” believing that the party would abide by its promises and give Hong Kong a democratic capitalist system, including the separation of powers, district councils, the Hong Kong Legislative Council and universal suffrage for the territory’s leader or chief executive.

At the time, I thought we had already arrived at a modern period of science and technology, so there was no way the CCP could return to Mao Zedong’s (毛澤東) era of lawlessness. Thus, I believed in the CCP’s commitment and believed in the return of democracy.

However, I was wrong. I was angry when I found out that the CCP did not plan to officially acknowledge the underground party in Hong Kong after reunification. It could be concluded that this so-called reunification was a scam.

The following is an excerpt from my book: My Time in Hong Kong’s Underground Communist Party (我與香港地下黨).

“If the [CCP] still operates underground in Hong Kong, then one country, two systems is a scam. This is the truth of the so-called Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” (June 1997).

“The [CCP] decided not to make public the underground party and mislead Hong Kong people’s understanding of real Hong Kong reunification, and the essence of it is to return the leadership to Hong Kong’s underground party. The two countries and two systems exist in name only. It is not really Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong with a high degree of autonomy. The so-called ‘one country, two systems’ is only a scam” (August 2003).

“Why doesn’t the [CCP] make public the underground party? Under the basic law, they can’t openly rule Hong Kong. Only by keeping underground parties lurking in all corners of Hong Kong can they slowly control Hong Kong. From start to present, the CCP has never intended to let Hong Kong develop a capitalist system for 50 years and remain unchanged. As long as the underground party is still operating sneakily, Hong Kong doesn’t have a real ‘one country, two systems,’ and the high degree of autonomy is another big scam” (2009).

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