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US needs new strategy for Taiwan

By Jerome Keating

The CCP is an obvious enemy. However, within Taiwan there also are enemies. Some are those KMT members who relentlessly cling to the dream that got them kicked out of the UN in the first place and seek a semblance of unification with China.

Those dreamers express their belief in the bogus “1992 consensus,” a consensus that remains a key KMT fantasy. It perpetuates the belief that the KMT never really lost the Chinese Civil War when it fled and occupied Taiwan.

True Taiwanese have no interest in pretending that there is one China “with two interpretations” or that they are the legitimate rulers of China.

Returning to the US and the AIT, some are finally beginning to realize that the US is playing a naively far more simplistic game than China.

The US needs a new game plan. It is good that it has opened the new AIT compound, but that will do little good if the US does not state more clearly that its “one China” policy is totally separate from the reality of Taiwan.

Jerome Keating is a writer based in Taipei.

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