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Save Taiwan by fighting for Taipei

By Chin Heng-wei 金恒煒

CPA head Zhou Qinjun’s (周慶峻) threat to Lee is an example of this.

Zhou has said: “I don’t believe in Taiwanese people, only in ‘Mainlanders,’ since ‘Mainlanders’ have family in China.”

Does Ko have family in China? He does not, so his assertion that he belongs to “one family” is nonsense. Despite this, Ko is willing to be used as a pawn in China’s “united front” strategy.

Even if Taiwan were to engage in a charm offensive of goodwill and friendship toward Beijing, would it be able to win concessions from China’s leaders?

During China’s Cultural Revolution, there was a song titled Both Sides of the Yangtze River, which contained the lyrics: “The greatness of Heaven and Earth is no match for the benevolence of the party/your parents’ love is no match for the love of Chairman Mao [Zedong (毛澤東)]/socialism is worth ten-thousand thousands/the fathomless depths of the world’s rivers and the seas are no match for the deep bonds of class solidarity.”

Where do pro-unification Taiwanese imagine they exist in the pecking order of China’s “one family”? Even the composer of this song ended up in the 18 layers of hell.

The world’s media are beginning to voice increasing concern over Taiwan’s precarious position, but in Taiwan, China’s five-star red flag continues to flutter in the wind.

We cannot allow Ko and his ilk to peddle Beijing’s “one China” principle.

By the same token, voters cannot allow the government to get away with turning a blind eye to Beijing’s imposition of new residence permits — Chinese ID cards in all but name — on Taiwanese living in China.

The fight for the nation’s capital is also a fight to protect Taiwan.

Chin Heng-wei is a political commentator.

Translated by Edward Jones

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