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A letter to Air Canada and Ottowa

By Association of Taiwanese Organizations in Toronto

On April 24, China sent a threatening letter to a large number of international airlines demanding that they change the country code for Taiwan (TW) on their schedules to China (CN), as dictated by Beijing’s “one China” principle.

On May 5, the White House issued a statement condemning this demand as “Orwellian nonsense,” through which China is trying to impose its own political claims on private companies around the world.

It appears that Air Canada also received this demand.

Regrettably, Air Canada decided to give in to it. Starting about May 14, it began listing Taiwan under “China” in its list of destinations and changed the code for its flight to Taipei to “Taipei, CN.”

This has shocked and angered the Taiwanese community in Canada, along with all the people of Taiwan.

Taiwan is a free and independent democracy, which abides by international law. It has never been a part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The Chinese claim that Taiwan is part of the PRC is an aggressive nationalistic dream, with no basis in international law.

Canada has never recognized the PRC’s claim to Taiwan. The famous “takes note of” formula in the 1970 memorandum establishing Canadian diplomatic recognition to the PRC was, and still is, intended to avoid taking any position on the PRC’s claim to own Taiwan.

By changing its designation for Taiwan as demanded by the PRC, Air Canada and the PRC are violating Canada’s longstanding “one China policy.”

We strongly condemn Air Canada’s kowtowing to the PRC, ignoring international law and morality for the sake of commercial profit.

We demand that Air Canada restore the original listing and country code for Taiwan on its Web site.

If this does not happen we do not rule out working with Taiwanese and other organizations in Canada, and in Taiwan, to promote a boycott of Air Canada.

We also call on the government of Canada to take more resolute and effective steps to protect Canadian corporations in the face of China’s presumptions to dictate to them.

Association of Taiwanese Organizations in Toronto, Taiwanese Canadian Association and Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada.

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