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Normalization of Taiwan

A recent poll shows that 90 percent of the public is in favor of the normalization of Taiwan. This normalization is long overdue.

There is a common domestic and international consensus that Taiwan is a sovereign, independent nation and it is not a part of China. “One China” is a myth and independence is a fact.

Chinese leaders do not need to be upset whenever they hear the term “independence.” Independence has been with Taiwan for decades if not longer. Taiwanese do not have to shy away from being independent.

From now on when President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) visits the US or other nations, she should take EVA Air instead of China Airlines, which has caused confusion and misunderstanding.

Taiwanese do not want to be represented by China.

On the other hand, Chinese leaders consider that the Republic of China (ROC) has been destroyed and cannot represent China.

Taiwan should adopt anno Domini (AD) instead of the ROC calendar in numbering years. This adoption would be consistent with the international convention and would save Taiwanese time doing conversions.

In August, when the Summer Universiade is to be held in Taipei, the nation’s team should be called “Taiwan” rather than “Chinese Taipei” since Taiwan is not Chinese and Taiwan is much larger than Taipei.

In September, Taiwan should officially apply for regular membership in the UN General Assembly even if China tries to block it. The “ROC” should not be used, since the UN Security Council membership and the UN General Assembly membership of the historical ROC have been replaced by China.

These are some initial steps that can be taken to normalize Taiwan in the world.

Charles Hong

Columbus, Ohio

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