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Respect integrity of Aboriginal land

Taiwan Association of University Professors 台灣教授協會

Not only has Tsai not made good on her promises, some key government officials have even played a lead role in mobilizing opposition to the reconciliation process and tried to stir up fear among the public.

The legitimacy of a localist government is most closely linked to the restoration of historical justice.

As such, it should not pursue a course that will result in the fragmentation of Aborigines’ traditional land based on the public and private ownership model that was established at a later date.

The government should not be propping up the unjust “status quo.”

It needs to communicate better with the public and promote public debate to clarify the definition of traditional land and create legislation or amend existing legislation to implement Aborigines’ right to traditional land.

The Tsai administration must understand that a person’s bond to their nation is directly related to their ability to participate in the construction of country and nation.

In a nation whose systems and structures have historically been built on violence and looting, it is the duty of a genuinely localist government to investigate and rectify any remaining forms of injustice: this includes land.

Although land is a limited resource, a system designed around reciprocity and mutual benefit — and that recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of traditional Aboriginal land — is the only way to start building the kind of nation that can truly be called a home by all of its people.

Translated by Edward Jones

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