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Itu Aba claim a distracting waste

By Chiang Huang-chih 姜皇池

Furthermore, our current Spratly Islands policy was made decades ago, in a different situation, to complement the policy to destroy the eternally wicked Chinese communists and rescue our fellow countrymen suffering in China.

Today, however, ambassadors from the eternally wicked communist China are ordering us about as if they were representatives from heaven and our suffering fellow countrymen are now supporting us all.

Do we still uphold the old doctrine that we and the Chinese communists cannot coexist and that we have an obligation to retake China?

The “Republic of China” is no longer the China that covers 960 million hectares, has a population of 1.4 billion and boasts a history of thousands of years of dominance in eastern Asia.

National strength has weakened, the political climate regarding the Spratly Islands is ambivalent and money has been squandered defending the indefensible.

Is it time to face the music and carefully make the necessary adjustments?

Chiang Huang-chih is a professor of law at National Taiwan University.

Translated by Ethan Zhan

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