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KMT unresponsive to new citizens

By Michael Hsiao 蕭新煌

The majority of the rest of them are conservatives who try to protect their master, Ma, by proposing to fix the Criminal Code, thereby letting Ma off the hook when he steps down.

They have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the Tainan and Pingtung District Prosecutors’ Offices for conducting bribery investigations and have proposed that the budget for these offices should be frozen, which is an intervention in the judiciary and also an attempt to save KMT Chairman Chu’s face.

Their acts are ironic in light of their comments after the elections that they would stop being the puppets of the KMT. Judging by their acts, it is very difficult to hold any hope that they will carry through any kind of real reform.

Finally, we should also take a look at the KMT councilors in city councils around the nation. Will they feel the need for reform? All in all, the hope is frail, for the council speaker bribery cases in New Taipei City and in Tainan are still unresolved.

Worse still, the KMT council speaker involved in one of the bribery scandals has even threatened the mayor in tones more worthy of a gangster, saying that a mayor should do as he is told, or his future will look very bleak.

Even more outrageously, the whole KMT has unanimously agreed that winning the speaker elections is evidence that the KMT is getting even, following their losses in the nine-in-one local elections last year.

What they fail to realize is that winning the council speaker elections by deploying dirty tricks only makes themselves even more worthy of contempt in the eyes of the public.

Two months after its major defeat, the KMT has not only failed to come up with any concrete reform measures, it also continues to showcase its shortcomings, from the very top down to the grassroots level, exposing its true aversion to reform.

The question is if, in so doing, the KMT is inviting the new citizens to once again spurn the party.

Michael Hsiao is director of Academia Sinica’s Institute of Sociology.

Translated by Ethan Zhan

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