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All need to re-examine their policies

By William A. Stanton 司徒文

Fourth, the US should promote and do more to support US university educations for Taiwanese students. As the number of mainland students in the US rises dramatically, the number of Taiwanese students is precipitously dropping. Taiwan needs to continue to serve as a model in the West for what Chinese society can and should be, and Taiwan needs articulate English-speaking students to represent that model.

Fifth, the US should recognize and trumpet the success of Taiwan, its transition from poverty to prosperity and from dictatorship to democracy, and its significance as the only fully free Chinese society on Earth.

What the US failed in some cases to help other countries achieve at much higher cost has already been achieved in Taiwan. Needless to say, Taiwan must want and support these efforts as well.

Taiwan needs to make much greater efforts to build substance into its relationship with the US.

It needs to take steps to integrate its economy more broadly with other economies in the region and beyond. And it needs to undertake political, economic and military reforms that will enable it to sustain and build on the success it has already achieved.

William A. Stanton is director of the Asia Policy Center at Tsing Hua University.

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