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Letter to the Sunflowers and Ma

Open letter

Nobody is against peace across the Taiwan Strait, but peace must be brought about under the clear understanding that China fully respects Taiwan’s sovereignty and the freedom of the people in the nation to determine their own future.

At this point there is little reason to trust Beijing’s motives.

The first step toward a Taiwan consensus would be to follow the lead of Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) who proposed a way forward out of the present impasse.

Failure to respond positively will have serious consequences for Taiwan’s international image, and for the future of democracy and freedom in Taiwan.

It is also incumbent on you, as president, to ensure that the debate is continued freely, democratically and civilly.

Sending in riot troops with sticks and batons against peaceful students is not a responsible way to move forward. Instead it damages the nation’s credibility.

The Sunflower movement shows that Taiwan can have a bright future. The nation can be proud of what these young people have been willing to endure for their ideas and ideals.

Multiple opinion polls as well as the massive attendance of about 500,000 at the rally on Sunday March 30 attest to the movement’s very broad basis of support in society.

It is up to you, Mr President, to show wisdom and willingness to work with the students and other civic groups for Taiwan and its future. The world is watching.

Clive M. Ansley

Thomas Bartlett

Coen Blaauw

Gordon G. Chang

Elsa Chen

Wen-yen Chen

William Cox

Michael Danielsen

Rebecca Doran

Brian A. Dursum

June Teufel Dreyer

Brock Freeman

Stephen R. Halsey

William T. Hipwell

Michael Rand Hoare

Thomas G. Hughes

Richard C. Kagan

Bruno Kaufman

Jerome F. Keating

Hon. David Kilgour

Paul Kovenock

Steven I. Levine

Daniel C. Lynch

Victor H. Mair

The Very Reverend Bruce McLeod

Justin Ritzinger

Terence Russell

Michael Scanlon

Christian Schafferer

David Schak

Michael Stainton

Peter Tague

Reverend Milo L. Thornberry

John J. Tkacik Jr.

Arthur Waldron

Gerrit van der Wees

Joseph Weidenholzer

Michael Yahuda

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