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A good defense

The situation in Ukraine may offer some hint of things to come for Taiwan. Russia’s invasion seems to have been made with impunity.

US President Barack Obama and the US appear impotent and unable to persuade more than a few allies to join in sanctions.

Obama’s lack of interest in taking stronger action in Ukraine and his already famous “red line” in Syria seem to have convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin that he could get away with the invasion.

What does this have to do with Taiwan? What do you suppose that the US would do should China begin a build-up for immediate invasion? Can you think of a better time to invade, with an impotent US president and the world’s focus on Russia and Europe? Or how about an invasion of the East China Sea islands for amphibious practice?

Of course, these hypothetical situations are highly unlikely to happen. However, the Ukraine crisis has got to give China ideas.

If Taiwan does not improve its defense capabilities, China will not have to wait until 2020 to invade: As long as they do it before Obama leaves office it should be obvious that Taiwan will get little, if any, help from the US.

Taiwan should start an aggressive effort to build diesel-electric submarines. With a fleet of the latest ships, Taiwan could create havoc for any Chinese amphibious operation.

As a coastal defense, these boats are more than a match for any of China’s nuclear-powered submarines. These new diesels along with an equally effective torpedo and cruise missile capability would certainly cause China to reconsider.

Richard Chapman

Fallbrook, California

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