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US needs to keep China in check

By Paul Lin 林保華

Japan and South Korea have taken very decisive countermeasures, but Taiwan’s response has been weak. President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) response has been wholly questionable. He will not even speak the word “sovereignty,” and in this way he could be suspected of betraying the free world.

The People’s Liberation Army is calling for military action against those who do not respect the regulations. If this does not reflect on a country’s sovereign status, then what does?

China’s princelings normally bask in the glory of their fathers’ revolutionary exploits, and that makes them glorify violence without a proper understanding of the blood and suffering that lies behind the results they are now enjoying. This makes them arrogant and at the slightest sign of increase in military power, they start their saber-rattling.

If the free world does not take strong countermeasures to teach them a lesson, they will become even more arrogant. If they are given an inch, they will take a mile, and that puts world peace at great risk.

In this situation, the US has a particularly heavy responsibility.

Paul Lin is a political commentator.

Translated by Perry Svensson

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