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Consumers of the world, unite

By Wang Hong-zen 王宏仁

Can this situation change?

There are two ways. First, people should demand brand-driven enterprises release information on their suppliers to let consumers know where the food they are eating comes from.

Second, in the same way each person has a vote to choose democracy, people can also choose to purchase products from companies that have shown themselves to be socially responsible.

According to the logic of capitalism, no company will be willing to pay out large sums of money and lose profit just to make society a safer place.

The Taiwanese businesses that are unwilling to increase salaries for their workers have shown this.

Unless the government steps in and sets a minimum wage, and the workers themselves come together, stop salaries will continue to decrease.

When consumers encounter companies that are unwilling to spend money to ensure the welfare of consumers, they can join together and take a more ethical approach to consumption.

This way they will fight the dirty and unscrupulous capital of those companies who talk about doing good while failing to do any.

Wang Hong-zen is a professor at the Graduate Institute of Sociology at National Sun Yat-sen University.

Translated by Drew Cameron

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