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Asking tourists to tip will definitely kill their desire to return to Taiwan. Please do not kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

Besides, tipping an individual will destroy the spirit of camaraderie between hotel staff. How can you be sure that the person who receives the tip will give the tip to an employees’ common fund?

Moreover, can you say that hotel housekeeping staff, who may not receive tips, contribute less than luggage bearers? Seeds of discontent might be sown among hotel employees.

I suggest Tourism Bureau officials, such as Chen Chiung-hua (陳瓊華), visit more “advanced” Asian countries to see what effects tipping will have on a country’s tourism industry.

If Taiwan were to start this kind of practice, I will simply tell my friends that it has become a country not worth visiting due to such debased practices.

Please do not reduce Taiwan to the level of many economically challenged African and South Asian countries. Taiwan has its own pride.

It is not worth degrading yourself for the sake of a few extra cents.

Ooi Hong-Kean

Azabu University, Japan

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