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Was your T-shirt made in the Dhaka factory?

Applying any ethical criteria is ridiculously difficult when it comes to fashion. We need Fairtrade labeling for clothes

By Susanna Rustin  /  The Guardian, LONDON

Survivors of another Bangladesh factory disaster six months ago said doors were locked before more than 100 workers died in a fire.

How is it that suppliers contracted to fill the shelves on our high streets can behave so recklessly?

The Rana Plaza collapse is all the more distressing because it seems to have been avoidable. Consumers cannot prevent such tragedies.

Governments and non-governmental organizations must apply pressure, both to the retailers responsible for the people who make their clothes, and to those in charge of regulating them.

However, until we can be more confident that workers’ lives are not being endangered, we must start to be more curious about where our clothes come from. Some of us are wearing clothes sewn by those killed last week in Dhaka.

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