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‘Operation Iceberg’ shows a moment frozen in time

A summer spent filming a gigantic iceberg offers an incredible insight into the life — and death — of these majestic Arctic fortresses

By Helen Czerski  /  The Guardian

In the middle of one of my typical frantic workdays, I enjoy imagining where “our” iceberg is now. I have a giant map of the world on my office wall, and it reminds me that the whole planet is accessible to a drop of water. After all, every ocean is connected to all other oceans. This iceberg is just ocean that has been in cold storage for a few thousand years. It is two years since it broke off from its parent glacier and now we know it will last at least one more year as solid ice. It will lose the battle in the end. Energy from the sun will free the water molecules and one day the last piece of solid ice will melt to a water drop.

That drop could end up almost anywhere — as mist in a Costa Rican cloud forest, as a cup of tea in China, inside an Olympic athlete or in a puddle in Dorset. The coffee you are drinking as you read this could have been part of an iceberg once. And now it is going to become part of you. Is that not fantastic?

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