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Anti-foreign propaganda

I want to respond to Want Want Group chairman Tsai Eng-meng’s (蔡衍明) comment: “We ask the NCC [National Communications Commission] to support us in taking the cable TV service market back from the hands of foreign investors.”

What is wrong with foreigners investing in Taiwan? Does Tsai also want to buy out Philips or Toyota, maybe even Mitsubishi?

Taiwanese are generally are very nice and helpful people. However, for foreigners, the government (especially that controlled by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) clan does nothing. Banks do nothing. Telecommunications companies do nothing.

I am a foreigner, I have a company registered in Taiwan, I have a work permit and an Alien Resident Certificate. I live and work in Taiwan and I also pay taxes here. I manufacture in Taiwan and I export millions of US dollars in goods to the US, Australia, Europe and South America every year.

Yet, I cannot get any help from Taiwan’s government. I cannot get a bank loan; I cannot get a credit card; I cannot even get a telephone line, unless someone is willing to be my guarantor.

Tsai probably gets millions of US dollars in subsidies from the government, but invests it all in China, like so many other “local” businesspeople. He was probably asked by the Chinese government to get rid of all foreigners in Taiwan, so that they (the foreigners) would not make any problems for Beijing when Taiwan is handed over to China by the KMT.

He only wants to acquire local media so that he can push more propaganda for China.

Somebody who denies that the Tiananmen Square Massacre happened is mentally challenged. It would not be right for somebody like that to be in charge of a nation’s primary broadcasting company. Who knows, maybe next week Tsai will deny the corruption scandal surrounding former Executive Yuan secretary-general Lin Yi-shih (林益世) ever happened.

Taiwanese people: Wake up, before it is too late!

Gert Floor


Greater Taichung

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