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Addled pipe tooter

Dear Johnny,

I must say, your latest article (“UCB boffins: Lend Lien your ears,” Sept. 12, page 8) strikes me as the speech of an addled old man who needs to go back to his village in Xi’an, sit on the portico of his KMT-purchased villa and mull over the millions gouged from those “hardworking Taiwanese” he refers to.

His cry of “returning to the motherland” strikes me as like the old, failed “return to Africa” push some years back. Yeah, they’ll be welcomed with open arms ... and after the welcome wears thin? What then?

If they, for one minute, think the “good old days” will return, then they’ve been tooting on a pipe long ago outlawed. If Lien Chan (連戰) and his buddies want to rejoin “the motherland,” then maybe they should pack it up, head west and swim a bit.

Damn, how could Berkeley waste so much money on that old bird?


Johnny replies: Well, they had to waste their money on someone.

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