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Letters: Wang's show just starting

I am an American lawyer representing plaintiffs in the Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom cases. Today, we won a jurisdiction battle against Wang You-theng (王又曾) and his wife in the Superior Court of Los Angeles.

Wang claimed that plaintiffs of Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom should go back to Taiwan to sue him there. Since all the plaintiffs are from Taiwan, all the evidence is in Chinese and all the alleged illegal transactions happened in Taiwan, Wang said, the California courts would be unduly burdened by taking on these cases.

The judges took into consideration that Wang was personally served in the US, that his wife is a US citizen and that they own real estate and banks in California, and decided that justice could not be served if Wang is sued in Taiwan where Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom petitioned the court to declare him bankrupt.

Wang was released because, among other things, an Immigration and Naturalization Service detainee cannot be detained for more than six months, and his lawyer swore that Wang suffers from serious medical conditions, which included fainting twice during his detention. Wang is 81 years old, after all.

Wang's release is welcome news to my clients for the following reasons:

One, Wang now has no justifiable reason not to appear in court.

Two, Wang Chin She-ying (王金世英), Wang You-theng's wife and codefendant, also has no justifiable reason not to appear.

Three, the trial date can now be settled at an earlier date to protect Wang's evidence and the rights of plaintiffs to be compensated.

I received many calls after the news of Wang's release was announced. My reply was: "Please take your seat. Knowing Wang, the show has just started."

Life is getting harder for alleged criminals who used to have their cake in Taiwan and eat it in the US. Not so any more: Ask Wang You-theng, and he may tell you.

Chiu Chang


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