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Letters: Democracy is an advantage

Recently, Taiwan's efforts to join the UN were rejected again, and our notorious neighbor China said that it is not legitimate for Taiwan to apply for membership in the UN because Taiwan cannot be regarded as a nation. If anyone tries to challenge this "fact," he or she will be considered as a criminal who attempts to divide our "greatest and beloved `Mother China.'"

After the communists took over China, they did everything they could to claim sovereignty over us, saying that Taiwan is and always will be Chinese territory.

I received my education under the leadership of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT). I once believed that the KMT was the fittest party to govern China, and I could not understand why Chinese farmers and workers were willing to support communists who sacrificed so many human lives without reason.

Perhaps at first the communists started the revolution with passion, and they did a very good job, leading poverty-stricken people to believe that only the communists could save China. However, after their victory, the communists came to believe that only by having complete control of the people could they bring them prosperity.

Since then, tens of millions of people or more have been sacrificed and even brutally murdered to reach the communists' goals. The communists still believe that everything under their leadership -- including human lives -- is expendable in order to maintain the image of a "harmonious society."

If that is the way communists rule people, how can they expect us to unify with them without reservation? Apparently, they also recognize this simple reality, and therefore must keep coercing us in every way.

Recently, they paid large amounts of money to several African and Latin American countries with promises of more to come if these countries ceased formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It seems some of these countries are only too happy to do so.

The only advantage we have is democracy and that is what the communists fear the most, because democracy can crush the foundation of the entire regime. If we prepare ourselves and become stronger, we might be able to change the tide. I sincerely believe this is the only solution to the dilemma.

Hsiao Chi-yuan


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