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Letter: US shows its true priorities

By Michael Falick

Yes, the opposition is absolutely right: the new names are embarrassing. But democracy can be messy and embarrassing sometimes, as can free speech.

One embarrassing fact about democratic governments is that they are often run by incompetent leaders. This could soon change in Taiwan, however, after the upcoming legislative and presidential elections. I fear the embarrassment and incompetence might end soon after the elections -- or seem to end -- with the election of pro-China officials. In that case, Taiwan's democracy and free press could end as suddenly as they began.

In the meantime, I'd like to suggest that it matters not one whit whether the names of these corporations are Tom, Dick or Harry.

The nation's future hangs on the next fateful year of democracy. Taiwanese need to understand that the US did not bring democracy to Taiwan, nor will it lead Taiwan to independence, stability or peace. Taiwan must find its own way in the world.

The world would benefit greatly if the nation's democracy emerges victorious despite the opposition of great powers like China and the US. The stakes could not be higher.

Michael Falick

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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