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Letter: Know thy enemy

By Ken Huang

Since the 2004 presidential election the pan-blue camp's goal has been to pull down President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) using whatever means it can. The strategies and tactics that they have been using have in large measure achieved their goal -- Chen is now in big trouble, the Taiwanese themselves are confused and the 2008 presidential election seems to be in their pocket.

To punish an enemy, the easiest way is to look into their finances. No matter how careful people are, there will always be some small fault somewhere.

That explains why the administration of US President George W. Bush used the Internal Revenue Service to audit the books of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People after its chairman publicly criticized Bush.

That also explains why the pan-blue camp wants to look into Chen's secret diplomacy fund.

An accountant friend told me that according to the Chinese way of keeping records, when receipts are required to clear an expenditure, any receipt will do regardless where it comes from. Chen used his wife's receipts from a jewelry purchase to help close the expenditures of the secret account.

Chen did what his predecessors did, and fell into a trap.

Taiwanese need to understand that this is a political case, that this is a part of the pan-blue strategy to pull down Chen, and that it is not a simple case of corruption. The Taiwanese need to fight to keep Chen. And they need to understand that they are not fighting to keep Chen the person -- they are fighting to keep a president who is Taiwanese.

Remember: If the pan-blue camp returns to power, Taiwan will be lost.

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and former KMT chairman Lien Chan (連戰) have said explicitly that merging Taiwan into China is their ultimate goal. Taiwan will become a province of China and the Taiwanese will become Chinese, if the pan-blues get back into power.

There won't be democracy and justice under foreign rulers.

If the Taiwanese just want democracy and justice regardless who the ruler is, they should ask the Iraqis why they are fighting the US Army in Iraq. They should ask the Palestinians why they are fighting Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Ken Huang


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