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Letter: Track child porn e-mails

By Don Quan

It is indeed of great social importance that child porn be eradicated. However, I take great exception to Liao Kui-fu's (廖奎富) urging that any e-mails one receives from suspected child porn peddlers should be "deleted immediately" ("Fixing the child porn loophole in Taiwan law," July 30, page 8).

This is very irresponsible advice. A more reasonable approach would be to have the e-mail forwarded to appropriate law enforcement authorities prior to being deleted. If you just ignore the problem, will it go away? Liao's advice pretty much follows this kind of thinking. If you allow authorities to try and track the origins of these e-mails, it would much better serve the cause of putting an end to child pornography and child pornographers.

I think it would be of interest to you and your readers to consider this point, and amend Liao's advice accordingly.

Don Quan


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