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Refusing to vote is not a solution

By Cao Changching ???

This implied an effort by the US to counterbalance China's aggression and "united front" strategy against Taiwan. However, if the pan-blues win a landslide victory next month, then this policy will come to a halt.

Fourth, if the pan-green camp loses next month, it will be seen as being on a losing streak. If this happens, the green camp will become so dejected that it may even lose the next legislative and presidential elections.

Some believe that pan-green supporters can be galvanized into action only when the DPP suffers a major electoral defeat. However, the pan-greens were grouchy and low in spirits after the results of the last legislative elections were released, and not much changed.

The DPP not only failed to seek to reform itself after the loss, it arranged a tete-a-tete between Chen and Soong. Lien's and Soong's brazen visits to China are directly related to the governing party's wishy-washy attitude.

Will pan-green supporters be able to turn the tables if they choose not to cast their ballots this time? I believe it will only make the situation worse.

Although the DPP has been in power for five years, it does not have much experience managing a nation.

By contrast, the KMT was in power for more than 50 years and had a monopoly on all the talent and resources.

But despite all of its failings, the DPP will never sell out Taiwan to China.

When Lien was traveling in China, he even said the KMT would ally itself with the CCP and make use of the cross-strait peace advancement bill to "promote" cross-strait exchanges.

At this crucial moment for Taiwan, I hope the Taiwanese can come to their senses and make a wise decision.

Cao Changching is a writer based in the US.

Translated by Daniel Cheng

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