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Nation's safety is up to us all

By Huang Wei-lun

The imbalance of military power between China and Taiwan is becoming obvious, but the arms package is still being debated. The opposition parties even plan to reject them under any circumstance. As a citizen, I'm really concerned about this issue.

The attitude of most Taiwanese is too optimistic about the threat of China's use of force. They think frequent communication between China and Taiwan can maintain peace, and naively neglect to think about the nation's defense. But this is one of China's strategies -- to conceal the threat of a military strike against Taiwan by making a false impression of peaceful communication.

Now we are facing a menace from China, but the differing opinions among political parties will never ensure national safety. Taiwan belongs to all of its citizens and it's everyone's responsibility to maintain national security. The arms package is just a way to keep the nation safe, so political parties should support the project as soon as possible.

National security is everyone's responsibility. Only if we can ensure it can we have long-term peace with China.

Huang Wei-Lun


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