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Legislators a disgrace

By Jenny Hsu

In the past few days, our legislators have successfully solidified our place as the No. 1 International Laughing Stock. We as citizens sincerely appreciate their examples of immaturity, selfishness, violence, stupidity, rudeness, indolence, inability to take responsibility and most importantly, their lack of social etiquette.

As a future mother, I definitely want my children to grow up under a chaotic government through which they will never learn the meaning of sound leadership. I also want to make sure that when I get older, I will have to live alone without any social benefits or security to depend on.

These past two days, our nation's decision-makers did a wonderful job of setting the tone for the rest of the session. The pushing, shoving, water pouring, cup throwing and profanity exchanging are just Taiwan's version of a well-organized government.

I am so delighted that my tax money is spent on keeping these diligent civil servants on their high-salary payrolls. The Legislative Yuan was established to exchange spit wads and acting skills, instead of ideas on how to make our country stronger.

Also, I want to thank the lawmakers for providing us with thrilling entertainment, such as real-life slugging and wrestling (after all, we all know the World Wrestling Federation is nothing but theater).

Beloved legislators, our future is in your hands. Please make sure our national image stays completely tarnished, so our foreign friends can have something laugh about, especially if they ever need material for the next blockbuster comedy. Also, by continuing your nonsense mudslinging, China will be so frightened that it would never even dream of attacking us. After all, why would it want to invade a country full of weak, useless, idiotic clowns?

Jenny Hsu


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