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Overseas program a success

By Wang Pang-hsin

The purpose of this letter is to talk about the Taiwan Tech Trek 2005 (Overseas Taiwanese Summer Program).

My daughter is a co-op program [internship] student in the faculty of Environmental Science at Waterloo University. Initially, the university's co-op division refused to recognize her previous co-op credits for the program, but when our daughter sent the program curriculum as a research assistant with the Institute of Nuclear Energy Research in Taiwan to the university's co-op division, they were impressed. So now her co-op credit will also be recognized by the school.

She has found it a bit less of a challenge because they are at lower grade levels but then again she has to find a way to explain things so that they can all understand, so this international experience is invaluable.

Despite negative comments in the news that we've heard, we would like to see this program continue. The long-term outlook is very good; kids learn a lot and the government could win the hearts of the second generation by letting them go and learning how to make a contribution.

Wang Pang-hsin

Ottawa, Ontario

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