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Selling out the people

By Chen Ming-chung

Opposing Taiwanese independence is a front for opposing Taiwanese freedom of choice. The whole world knows this -- except for KMT Chairman Lien Chan and his followers, as their reaction to the "Anti-Secession" Law showed. The pan-blue camp said the law targeted Taiwanese independence supporters, and therefore refused to participate in the protest on March 26, which, like Lien's trip, confused KMT followers and the world.

Peace without dignity or freedom is what the pan-blue camp protested for at CKS International Airport. But Lien and his supporters will never speak the truth about how they intend to bring about this "peace."

If "peace" is all the KMT wants, then former president Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) could have secured it decades ago. But Lien is trying to say that today's Chinese Communist Party is different to before.

The world knows, however, that the only difference in the communists today is that they are richer and stronger.

The number of people who protested the trip at the airport compared with those who supported it, according to police reports, was about 3,000 to 900, roughly the same ratio of those think the trip will sell out Taiwan against those who would want "peace" at the expense of freedom and democracy.

The most objectionable thing about the airport scuffle was the presence of organized-crime gangs, like at every other pan-blue gathering, and their attacks on pan-green camp members, and Taiwanese independence supporters in particular. These thugs have not been punished, and were not even challenged by the authorities or the police on the scene. Watching these cowards gang up on the elderly and beat isolated pan-green camp supporters was sickening.

Unless Lien states clearly that he supports freedom of choice for Taiwanese people, he will go down in history as selling out Taiwan, selling out freedom, selling out democracy as well as selling out the hope of Chinese who yearn for democracy and freedom.

Chen Ming-chung

Chicago, Illinois

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