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Lien bows to Beijing

By Gandalf Liu

It's unbelievable that KMT Chairman Lien Chan urged his Peking University audience to unite against Taiwanese independence for all the world to see. Living on a democratic and self-ruled island, we can accept different voices, but how sad it is to see an outside power involving itself in our domestic affairs, especially with the help of our biggest opposition party.

What did Lien mean? He has run twice for the KMT in presidential elections, but now he denies that Taiwan is an independent country. What was the name of the post he ran for?

Lien still enjoys a number of ongoing perks from his vice presidency, including a generous "salary" totaling over NT$400,000 per month, paid for by the 23 million people living on Taiwan, Kinmen and Matsu. His "retirement salary" is even higher than that of President Chen Shui-bian.

He claims that his role is a civil one, and not that of a former vice president for this visit. But the talks in China included political issues. Is this a civil role? What he says he is doing and what he is really doing are different things. He has lied too much already.

On March 14, China passed the "Anti-Secession" Law, further threatening cross-strait peace. Hundreds of thousands of people in Taiwan protested the law on March 26. A number of countries also applied pressure on China. But where was the KMT? What did it have to say?

Most democratic countries support Taiwan over this matter. But the KMT echoed communist China. How extraordinarily democratic Taiwan is: It allows an opposition party leader to seek outside assistance to manipulate domestic affairs.

This is a farcical situation, and one that will impact heavily on the nation. But many news reports call Lien's visit a "historic" trip. People are brainwashed.

So, are you clear about what's going on? Then say something! Stand up, and let the world understand our true voice.

Gandalf Liu


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