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Lien betrays democracy in China

By the Liberty Times editorial

On Wednesday, as Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) led his delegation to China's tomb for Sun Yat-sen (孫逸仙) to pay their respects, repeatedly ingratiating himself with his Chinese hosts, a report on Voice of America said that a movement to reconstitute the KMT had appeared in China because of dissatisfaction with the party's China-friendliness and the Lien-led delegation.

According to a report on the Web site of the US-based Huanghuagang Magazine, representatives of secret societies and organizations from 17 Chinese provinces met before Sun's tomb in Nanjing on April 23, where they swore to reconstitute the KMT.

Quoting this report, the Voice of America reported on Wednesday that a statement by the "reconstituted KMT" claimed that secret societies and organizations throughout China had planned to reconstitute the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance, a precursor to the KMT, on Aug. 20, the 100th anniversary of the alliance's formation. On that day, they had also planned to call for a peaceful republican revolution and an end to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) dictatorship.

The report said, however, that because the KMT in Taiwan had become more friendly toward the CCP in recent years -- something that had "disappointed the Chinese people which had pinned intense hopes on the KMT for over 50 years" -- they had decided to move the occasion forward.

According to the report, members of the secret societies and organizations expressed their opposition to Lien's visit to China.

This revelation is highly significant. Lien thinks he represents the KMT orthodoxy in his visit to China, which he calls a "journey of peace." He is trying to create an atmosphere conducive to a third round of CCP-KMT cooperation by offering Taiwan as a tribute to the Communists.

In doing so, he violates not only the interests of the Taiwanese people, but also the righteous people inside China who oppose dictatorship. After founding the People's Republic of China, the CCP implemented a socialist dictatorship and executed political purges and political struggles, causing tens of millions to die in natural and man-made disasters.

It is truly a regime for whom power derives from the barrel of a gun, and it possesses not a shred of legitimacy or legality. It is precisely because the CCP's rule has not been approved by the Chinese people that it has been forced to hide its socialism behind a facade of nationalism and a wave of nationalist xenophobia in an attempt to divert domestic dissatisfaction.

Apart from minor improvements to the people's livelihood in recent years, CCP rule has meant widespread suppression of freedom, democracy and human rights. This has led to widespread indignation and discontent, and the will to resist is growing to the point where it may explode.

Today, Lien is making a mockery of Taiwanese democracy by ignoring the rules of the democratic game and meeting with the leaders of the CCP's dictatorship to dispel past grudges -- all with a smile on his face. This is a major blow to China's democracy movement. Small wonder, then, that Lien's visit to China has led to a reaction from dissatisfied forces inside China and the drive to reconstitute the KMT in China.

On arrival, Lien was in his element, with red carpet treatment and a warm welcome. But it seems to have slipped his mind that he had once considered the People's Republic of China to be a barbaric state and that the communists were a bunch of usurpers. Instead, he said it was regrettable that the meeting had been so long in coming.

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