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KMT again plays the CCP's fool

By the Liberty Times editorial

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Vice Chairman Chiang Pin-kun (江丙坤) led a delegation on a visit to China last week, opening a new chapter after a standoff of more than half a century between his party and the Chinese Community Party (CCP). Some people viewed this turning point with a tolerant heart, believing that the historical grudges and hatred between the two parties had been turned into grudges and hatred between China and Taiwan, which is not good for the people of this country. A reconciliation with the other side of the Taiwan Strait through Chiang's trip is "not so bad," they said.

However, the KMT's China trip may cause irreparable harm to Taiwan. In the face of China's threats, Taiwan's situation has always been difficult. In standing up against the Chinese giant, both the ruling and opposition camps must remain on high alert and be extremely cautious to ensure the safety of the nation. The KMT has chosen to refuse to cooperate or negotiate with the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), while wishfully pining for "a third cooperation between the KMT and the CCP." The refusal to reconcile within Taiwan has caused the rivalry between the opposition and ruling camps to continue. That the KMT has opted to shake hands with the enemy is beyond comprehension.

KMT Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) is also making plans for a China trip. Herds of KMT members will surely follow suit. One can hardly believe that this is taking place. It is also hard to understand the rationale behind the KMT's moves. In the almost century-long love-hate relationship between the KMT and the CCP, the KMT has been repeatedly taken advantage of by the CCP.

The KMT regime lost its rule over China in 1949. Yet it failed to learned its lesson and chose to repeat is mistake and tread on a path of destruction.

At the time of the first cooperation between the two parties, the CCP had been established for less than three years and had only a small number of members. The CCP was inciting rebellions by farmers and workers with slogans about "class struggles" and, as a result, was faced with crackdowns by the warlords in various parts of China. Had Sun Yat-sen (孫逸仙) not -- due to practical needs -- decided to tolerate the Communists in an attempt to seek the assistance and support of the Soviet Union, the CCP would have collapsed decades ago.

As a result of the first KMT-CCP cooperation, CCP members were allowed to join the KMT as individuals, allowing the party to rapidly thrive through the KMT and almost taking over the KMT as a result. Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) then purged the Communists from the KMT while on his way to the Northward Expedition, the campaign to stamp out the "communist bandits" in the north. But while the Communists suffered major blows, their strength could no longer be ignored. They had become a force, both in terms of military strength and party organization.

Chiang then adopted the strategy of suppressing internal disorder before fighting external threats, repeatedly cracking down on the Communists in the regions occupied by them. As a result, the Communists had to flee on foot -- for more than 25,000km -- all the way to Ianan, Shanxi Province.

During its time in Ianan, the CCP's survival hung by a thread. However, through successful propaganda tactics, the Communists managed to convinced military leaders in charge of annihilating the Communists, including Chang Hsueh-liang (張學良) and Yang Hu-cheng (楊虎城), to kidnap Chiang, the so-called "Xian Incident." Chiang was coerced into stopping the campaign to stamp out the CCP and to incorporate the communist troops into the KMT government, as well as to legalized autonomy by the regional Chinese communist government. The parties agreed to fight the Japanese together. This was the so-called second CCP-KMT cooperation, which not only saved the Communists from extinction but gave them legal grounds for military expansion.

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