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Sun, Feb 27, 2005 - Page 8 News List

President Chen betrayed the voters

By the Liberty Times editorial

As a result of the meeting between President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) and People First Party Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜), a joint statement containing ten points of consensus was signed by the two. Those ten points included accepting the definition of the country's status in the Republic of China (ROC) Constitution and a reiteration by Chen of his "five noes" commitment. Acting in a manner suggesting willingness to engage in a heart-to-heart dialogue, President Chen even gave Soong a piece of paper with the word "sincerity" written in calligraphy. However, the so-called ten-point consensus was essentially a sharp blow for voters who elected Chen in this past presidential election. Now many of them may be asking this question -- President Chen, where is your "sincerity" toward us?

Everyone ought to still remember that during the campaigns for presidential and legislative elections last year, President Chen loudly called for referendums, rectification of the names of Taiwan businesses and government offices abroad and the adoption of a new constitution -- triggering much international concern as a result. Those voters who supported him knew perfectly well that such campaign promises cannot necessarily be implemented immediately. However, at least they believed in Chen's determination to uphold Taiwan's sovereignty and security. In a country where Taiwan consciousness heightens by the days, many so-called moderate voters naturally cast their votes for Chen and DPP legislators.

Unfortunately, after Chen's successful re-election, and especially after his appointment of Frank Hsieh as the new premier, those campaign platforms were one by one labeled "controversial" and then swept under the rug. At the time, most people did no more than criticize Premier Hsieh for deferring discussions of issues such as name rectification and the adoption of a new constitution. Now people finally realize that these changes were closely linked with President Chen. Both Chen and Soong are happy with the ten-point consensus reached during their meeting. However, those people who support nativization are deeply disappointed.

Among the ten points, those related to the ROC Constitution and the commitment to not touch upon sovereignty and territorial issues in constitutional and political reforms have essentially sentenced Taiwan to death. Taiwan will continue to live under the shadow of the ROC Constitution, which was imposed by an alien regime. What a sad story for Taiwan's democracy. As Premier Hsieh once indicated, the ROC Constitution recognizes "one China." So long as Taiwan lives under this "one China" constitution, Taiwan remains vulnerable to to the People's Republic of China's "one China" principle. This also gives China even more justification for drafting its anti-secession law. Bluntly put, the conclusion reached between Chen and Soong will only make Taiwan's survival in the international community even more difficult.

Pushing for cross-strait economic exchanges and direct cargo links -- or even direct passenger links based on the charter flights during the Lunar New Year -- will jeopardize Taiwan's survival. In the past four years, Taiwan has eased restrictions on investment in China, intensifying the speed of the flow of capital and technology to China and giving rise to serious unemployment and other industrial problems. United Microelectronics Corp's (聯電) alleged smuggling of investment and know-how into China indicates that the government lacks even a basic ability manage and control investments in China. Nor is it able to uphold the law. Under the circumstances, pushing for cross-strait economic and trade exchanges will only create even more serious problems. In addition, with comprehensive direct links, it would become even more convenient for Taiwan businesses to leave Taiwan. In the future, as vast numbers of people head to China for vacations, the nation's service sector will probably have trouble just staying alive. All talks about increasing tourism will become a joke.

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